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what our graduates have to say

After Beauty school, I got my very first job as an apprentice with Cindy in her beautiful trendy boutique salon in the heart of Delmar California. Cindy inspired and continuously motivated me.

In beauty school, you learn the basics, and when you work in a salon with a talented mentor, that’s where it all starts in setting a solid foundation. Cindy is an artist in color and her haircutting techniques with great explanation of the hows and whys. She always made it interesting.

In 2002 I opened my own salon. It was very successful and I owned and operated it until 2018. With the right foundation and a mentor who cares, nothing is impossible to be a success in this amazing profession.

Charmaine Matic / Hair Share Alumni

I owe a lot of my success to my mentor Cindy Adra. When I started in the industry I assisted her for 18 months and am now a master colorist and stylist at my own salon in Del Mar called Good Day Sunshine Salon. 

Cindy is a true master of her craft. She has a wonder way of teaching the freshest styles and techniques. 

Communication and patience is everything and she does it well. 

I strongly recommend taking her course – it will serve your career like it did mine!

Dee Dee Jaeschke / Good Day Sunshine Salon