Can you imagine being successful and celebrated because of your creativity?

The Hair Share online course is for individuals looking to start their hairstyling careers and for current hairstylists looking to refresh and continue their education. We believe that the best hairdressers never stop learning so bring your imagination and we’ll provide the education!

Course Outline

Course 1 | Conscious Cutting

Conscious Cutting is the heart of the Hair Share method of hair design. It’s the next step to becoming a successful creator in the hair world. We focus on haircutting but the principles are applicable in all areas of your business and creative life, including all salon services that you offer.

  • 7 Principles of Energetic Growth
  • Conscious Cutting Theory
  • Designing a Haircut
  • Cutting to the Curve
  • Consultation Checklist

Course 2 | Become a Creator

Becoming the creator means knowing the fundamentals like the back of your hand. We walk you through fourteen core classic haircuts (men’s and women’s) along with hair history and professional tips from professionals that run their own successful businesses.

  • History of Hair
  • Cutting to the Curve
  • 14 Core Classic Cuts
  • Pro Tips

Course 3 | Conscious Business

In our last course, we go through principles of energetic growth in business as well as money mindset and tips that will allow you to conduct successful business with ethics, awareness, mindfulness, and conscientiousness.

  • 7 Principles of Energetic Growth for your Business
  • Money Mindset
  • Money Tips
  • Tools of the Trade