Awareness is being in the moment and focusing on what’s in front of you . Other words for awareness are knowing, realizing, being awake, conscious, paying attention.

Intention is the energy behind every action. It’s a determination to act in a SPECIFIC way. Other words for intention are purpose, plan, aim or goal. Intention alone doesn’t guarantee you are serious about getting it done however. You need to implement the action and energy behind the intention, also.

Knowledge is vital to any business , craft or art. It’s the essence of what you have to offer. It’s a valuable commodity. Another way to describe knowledge is a range of understanding. The body of facts accumulated by someone gathered by study, observation or experience.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Your skills are refined the more you practice. Skill is an ability in an art or craft especially one involving the hands or the body. Other words for skill are proficiency, aptitude,expertise,talent,professionalism.

You are giving time to your client and business. For this purpose we can say that time is the period during which something exists, happens or a set period. Another definition is every moment there ever has been or ever will be.

Life is energy! Energy can be expressed as passion or a determination. It’s our spirit and the force of action! Energy is high powered and the force that runs the planet. It’s also an exchange between everything.

Gratitude is thankful appreciation for favors or benefits given. It’s recognition and acknowledgement. Gratitude is an energetic flow that should be given as well as received.

The Hair Share course includes:

  • The 7 principles of energetic growth.
  • The Hair Share’s method of “Cutting to the curve”.
  • Learn how to become a creator – design your own unique looks. 
  • Conscious cutting – what is it and why is it so critical to your success? 
  • Tools to build and sustain a clientele. 
  • Business 101 – A new perspective on doing business What it takes to be your own boss.
  • History of Hair styling – Foundational hair cutting techniques.
  • Work smarter not harder – finding balance in a fast paced work environment.


With over 30 years of experience, accomplished stylist Cindy Adra shows you everything school does not teach you and what it’s really like to run your own business. Each course builds on the last in a natural progression resulting in a complete career development course. The Hair Share was created to give back to the hair community with gratitude and love.


We describe this as a consensual relationship of commerce. To operate a conscious business means that you are aware of the connection to your client, your reputation with your clients as well as your sales reps, product distributors and co-workers. All of those depend on your ability to conduct your business with ethics, awareness, mindfulness and conscientiousness.


From the information we consume, to the business we conduct, to the people we meet, our lives are becoming ever more global. We aim to create a global community of hairstylists united by their desire to be independent, conscious artists. Together, with confidence, thoughtfulness and empathy this  global community can only have a positive impact on the world.