Iop In Orange County

Iop In Orange County

To be honest, addictions do not have resting periods. Thus, if they are not attended to, they can smear a person's life at crucial moments or cause devastating permanent dents. 

Meanwhile, it is proper that  you have questions if you or a member of your family is considering treating an addiction. For example, you might want to know more as regards available treatment types. 

If your own quest is to verify the difference between seemingly similar treatments such as outpatient programs and intensive outpatient programs, this article is for you. 

In this article, as you read further you will discover the difference between both treatments and understand better which to subscribe to.

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient

These two look almost identical, but they are way different treatment procedures.  

What is  Outpatient Therapy/Program?

This treatment type ensures that you do not have to be admitted into a clinic. In place of such clinic residency, you have the liberty to book counseling sessions that work well with your schedule.

This means you do not leave your own house, yet you still get treatment that helps your rehabilitation process. This feature makes outpatient programs a popular option for most people.

 Intensive Outpatient Therapy/Program

This form of outpatient therapy is something very close to inpatient therapy. If you do not want an inpatient program which requires you to become a resident at the clinic, but you require attention as closely as an inpatient, then IOP is a great option for you. 

Or for example, if you just completed an inpatient rehabilitation, you will be allowed to vacate the clinic facility. But to live up to all that has been imbibed during the inpatient treatment, you may still need help. Then you can opt for regular outpatient therapy. 

But if the regular outpatient therapy is not proving effective enough, then you might have to choose the intensive outpatient therapy.  This type affords you a more comprehensive form of care and attention.  

Main Difference Between Outpatient Program and an Intensive Outpatient Program

Despite both treatment options having the same goal which is aiding addiction recovery, IOP proves to be more demanding and intentional. And it is perfect for cases where the patient needs a comprehensive level of support.  

Thus, the regular outpatient and the intensive outpatient therapy are both fantastic options in rehabilitation. In each, convenience, confidentiality and life schedules  of patients are treated as important and sacred. 

Thus, it should be understood that just as the name implies, intensive outpatient therapy is the intense version of the outpatient therapy. Anything you do in regular outpatient therapy, you have it at an increased level in an intensive outpatient program.

Outpatient Programs give you and your family members the liberty of receiving treatment without leaving the comfort of your home for an extended period of time. You design your counselling hours as you deem fit. And you are more in control of your recovery process. 

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