Hair School Online

Hair School Online

Consider The Hair Share when choosing a hair school online- we can teach you the art of creating new, fresh, and stylish looks for your clients while fast-tracking your career path. Compare our courses with other online hair academies and you’ll see why we have a reputation as one of the best hair schools in the country, able to save our students money while providing quality training and valuable information. If you have your heart set on becoming a stylist, you won’t find a better school anywhere.

5 Reasons to Choose The Hair Share

1. We know that finances are tight for students, which is why we’ve priced all of our courses at the unbeatable price of just $129. You get a lot for your money when you sign up for one of our hair school courses- and you’ll save money while building your knowledge base and learning new skills. Our foundational course, Conscious Cutting, is the first step in learning the basics and helping you determine whether you’ve chosen the right career. Course 2: Become a Creator, and Course 3: Conscious Business, are also essential to your training.

2. Our instructors will teach you the Hair Share method we call ‘cutting to the curve’. Once you’ve mastered the techniques we teach, you’ll be ready to start creating your own looks and establishing your presence within your community with your own unique style. Patrons appreciate being able to find a hair stylist who is not only able to offer the latest trends but can also work with an idea or concept to create the perfect look. Our courses will get you where you’re going in record time.

3. Using the Hair Share’s 7 Principles of Energetic Growth, you’ll achieve your goals quickly:

  1. Awareness, which will allow you to focus on the work you perform
  2. Intention, which requires you to take action in a specific way and will give energy to your actions
  3. Knowledge, provided to students by our highly skilled instructors
  4. Skills, which comes from repetition and a commitment to continuously learn new techniques
  5. Time, given by you to each client to ensure a satisfactory experience
  6. Energy that clearly demonstrates your passion for what you do
  7. Gratitude for what you’ve accomplished and built through our training and your hard work

4. Your goals become ours, as well, when you choose us as your hair school online. We’re passionate about passing on the knowledge and skills we’ve accumulated and fine-tuned over the years- and you’ll benefit from what we have to offer as a result of our 50 years of combined experience.

5. Our team is accessible; if you need to reach us with your questions, simply fill out the brief contact form on our site or reach us via social media and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Sign up for your first course online when you’re ready to take the next step in advancing your career. Rest easy knowing you've selected the right hair school online when you choose The Hair Share.

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